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View Submissions and Further Submission for the Proposed Waikato District Plan Stage 1 

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  • Submission number or Further Submission number e.g. #25 (ensure you type a # before the submission number or further submission number, or it will return everything with that number). The submission number is on the submission list.
  • Submitter or further submitter name or organisation e.g. search 'Smith' for John Smith (search by surname, not full name and use the same spelling as in the submission list).
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  • To view submissions relating to the Te Kowhai Airport please change the “Select Process” to Variation 1 Te Kowhai Airport
  • To view submissions relating to Stage 2 Natural Hazards and Climate change 'Select the Process' Stage 2 Natural Hazards and Climate Change
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Proposed District Plan Notified July 2018